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What is BAM Cares?
In keeping with Baylor’s commitment to developing a strong community are our services completed through the BAM Cares program. BAM Cares is a comprehensive program that works by addressing the needs of the elderly and underprivileged to effectively create safer and more functional living environments. Whether it be through tending to maintenance projects, completing renovations to solve safety concerns, or making homes more easily accessible, Baylor is here to lend a helping hand. We take pride in assessing the needs of our elderly and meeting those needs in a professional and personable manner.

Who is eligible for the BAM Cares program?
Candidates for the BAM Cares program are those in need of financial help maintaining their home that might not be able to make necessary repairs or renovations otherwise. A candidate might be a neighbor who lacks wheelchair access ramps that would better enable their mobility and independence. Maybe you have an elderly family member who can no longer keep up with exterior home repairs, or you know of someone who would benefit from assistance with renovations. Basically, a candidate is someone with an unmet need due to disability or perhaps an economic difficulty. 

How can a candidate become a B.A.M. Cares beneficiary?
Candidates can become part of the BAM Cares program by being nominated. If you see or know of someone with a qualifying need, simply nominate them by providing us with their proper contact information as well as some background on their situation and the project(s) they may require. We can then set up an appointment with the candidate to gain insight into their essential concerns and assess what we can do to help. Next, we create a plan to efficiently address the concerns of the candidate and work to bring their project goals into reality. We consider it our pleasure to work with candidates from our community to improve the living standard for those who deserve it most.

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