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Giving back to our community is not just a tag line here at Baylor Asset Management.  We truly believe that it is our duty as citizens of the world to give back to those who are less fortunate and to give to entities that help to positively impact our Community.  We know that this is also important to our Clients.  In an effort to encourage and support this idea of giving, we have developed the BAM Advantage program which allows our clients to identify a beneficiary organization or individual and we at Baylor Asset Management will donate a percentage of the client's job cost toward a beneficiary.  Whatever our client's needs are, we deliver services to meet their goals and give them the opportunity to help someone they support meet theirs as well.  





​​How it Works
Many not for profilt organizations have a need to raise capital to make structural improvements to their existing facilities, to complete much needed maintanence, or in times of growth, expand their footprint.  The BAM Advantage Program allows organizations to jump start or support these efforts by encouraging their supporters to help.  Baylor is a full service construction firm that is licensed, bonded, and insured.  Whether the need is for a room addition, a new deck, new home construction, or general maintenance services such as plumbing repairs, roof replacement, or electrical repairs, Baylor can help your supporters meet "their" needs while allowing us to give back a percentage of the job cost from their job to support your  organization.

​BAM Advantage Points may be accumulated or redeemed by the participating organization to pay for or reduce the cost of capital improvement or renovation projects at the organization's facility.  The organization can elect to redeem all, some or none of their points at any given time.  In order to help communicate the advantages of the program, BAM will provide the marketing material to the participating organization.  This material will help to inform the organization's support base of the BAM Advantage Program and will explain how the program works and the direct benefit to the organization.  We will supply this material in the form of flyers, direct mail inserts, or email blasts so that the organization can choose the method that best suits their needs. Supporters are parents, teachers, parishoners, or any other persons who have a vested interest in seeing the organization succeed.

Lastly, we will provide monthly specials, promotions, and/or discounts to promote the user of the program and to ultimately help the organization meet its goals.
Its as easy as communicating the program to your supporters and your supporters contacting us for whatever their needs may be.  If your supporters choose to employ our services, we will continually strive to exceed their expectations, your organization will be eligible for discounted construction services, and we will gain the benefit of a new customer relationship.  This is a winning formula for all who are involved.

Who  is Eligible​
Schools, childcare / learning Centers, Churches, other Not-for-Profit organizations.  Anyone who can benefit from our construction expertise and services can participate.

​How Can You Participate
Enrollment is as easy as 1-2-3.  Provide your contact information, the name of your beneficiary organization, and your preferred method of contact via the BAM Advantage Enrollment Form below. You can also contact our offices by phone at 713.522.9341 or email and request more information about the BAM Advantage Program.​We'll schedule a visit with you and/or your organization in order to followup, answer any questions and give you all the details regarding the program.  Let us help you meet your capital improvement goals.

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